Are we building technology for those who need it the most?

25 million American families live on less than $25,000 a year.

Significance Labs is looking for developers & designers to help address this problem.

What we do

Significance Labs at Blue Ridge

helps technology’s brightest minds design high-impact products for low-income Americans.

There’s a new digital divide.

This time, it’s not a lack of access. Today, 80% of the poor have cell phones. We can now reach them with mobile products that scale.
So let’s start building those products.

Are you a top notch Hacker Or Designer?

We’re building out five teams who are spending three months
building tech products that scale for low-income Americans.

We’re looking for top hackers and designers to join us.

Here’s how it works

Proven Leaders

Five seasoned entrepreneurs have been selected as Significance Labs Fellows.

Real Users

Connections made with 200+ low-income users to learn their pain points

Build Resources

A team of hackers and designers in residence will help build out new ideas

Great Products

A shot at building meaningful solutions that can help revive the American Dream

Learn more about how the fellows were selected.


The Significance Labs Fellows

Our 2014 Fellows have worked at organizations like Facebook, Y Combinator, FastCompany, LinkedIn & the Harlem Children’s Zone. They’ve built and sold multiple successful businesses. They’re excited to turn their entrepreneurial skillset to a new set of challenges.

We’ve built organizations before, and we’re excited to launch another. Backed by the Blue Ridge Foundation New York, we’ve secured $500K and have drawn in a great team of supporters.

Built at Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Foundation New York has a 15 year track record funding social ventures addressing upward mobility in America. We have dozens of grantees, including two who were referenced in President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union.

We spun off Significance Labs to help bring our deep connections to people from many backgrounds to the tech community.
Learn more about Blue Ridge Foundation New York

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