Meet our 2014 Fellows

These incredible entrepreneurs were selected from over 150 applicants to trailblaze social innovation for Significance Labs’ first fellowship. After weeks of immersion in New York’s underserved neighborhoods, each fellow was inspired by the challenges faced by a specific community to solve for the greater good.

Together with some of the city’s most talented hackers and designers, they’ve developed ideas with the power to improve lives.

With only three months to pull together MVPs, they’ve achieved more than we could have hoped for.

We can’t wait to see where these ideas go next, and we hope you’ll join us for the journey.

Get to know the projects

Neat Streak

NeatStreak’s mobile website lets housecleaners and clients agree on a list of cleaning tasks and exactly how they should be done.


Easy Food Stamps by Propel is a user-friendly mobile site that guides applicants through the SNAP food stamp application.


Rebank compares banking options suitable for low income New Yorkers, making it easier for this population to improve their financial situation.


Easy Droid is a launcher app that acts as a friendly intermediary between older, first-time Android users and their devices.


OnTrack gives students visibility into their GPAs and provides them with tools to keep up with class assignments.

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