Neat Streak

Bridging the cleaner-client communication gap.

What it Does

NeatStreak is a mobile website which lets house cleaners and clients agree on a list of cleaning tasks and exactly how they should be done. Spanish-speaking cleaners can use NeatStreak in their native language while clients see it in English. NeatStreak helps avoid misunderstandings between cleaners and their clients by getting them on the same (web) page.

Why it matters:

Domestic work is one of the least regulated industries in the US, and workers are often paid below minimum wage without benefits like sick days or overtime. With duties that take place out of the public eye, housekeepers are disproportionately vulnerable to unfair treatment and income loss related to client disputes.

Who it helps:

The housekeeper who loses a client because he did not specify exactly how he wanted a cleaning job to be done or she misinterpreted his requests due to a language barrier. The busy professional who wants his apartment cleaned in a certain way, but struggles to communicate this with his cleaner.

The potential impact:

Members of this 1.5 million American workforce, who are mostly women, immigrants, and people of color, are often isolated and unaware of available resources. Introducing technology into this sphere has the potential to connect housekeepers to information, to powerful tools, and to each other.

Meet Team Neat Streak

Ciara Byrne


Alexandra Berke


Gaia Orain


Sean Nurse

Designer Intern

Marc Andre

Developer Intern