Improving the odds for college completion.

What it does

On Track gives students visibility into the consequences of their grades on their overall GPAs. At both the class and assignment level, students can track actual grades and explore what-if scenarios, helping them keep their GPAs at the levels required to receive financial aid and avoid academic probation or dismissal.

Why it matters:

Financial aid, university bills, and GPAs are intricately linked, and a misstep can have dire consequences. Let your GPA fall and you can lose your financial aid. Lose your financial aid, and you can get stuck with a multi-thousand dollar bill. Can’t pay the bill? Now you can’t register for classes, or even transfer your credits to another school, until that bill is settled. It’s far too easy for students to get locked out of their education with nothing to show for it but debt.

Who it helps:

The first-generation college student who doesn’t have family experience to guide her. The working student who is focused on feeding his family and loses track of his slipping grades. The financial aid recipient who doesn’t know the consequences of missing the withdrawal deadline.

The potential impact:

While the solution was designed with low-income students in mind, GPA management has relevance for any college student. OnTrack empowers students to reach GPA goals, be they to retain aid, avoid academic probation, or graduate at the top of the class. Improving graduation rates is good for students, good for schools, and good for the economy.

Meet Team OnTrack

Margo Wright


Ariana Koblitz

UX Researcher

Monica Parra


Scott Tuddenham

Hacker in Residence

Costas Vlahakis

Hacker in Residence