Easy Food Stamps by Propel

Making it a snap to enroll in SNAP.

What it Does

Easy Food Stamps is a user-friendly, responsive website that takes applicants step-by-step through the SNAP questionnaire, which previously had to be completed on paper or on a desktop computer. Acting as a “digital social worker”, the tool cuts the average application time by 3 hours, making enrollment a whole lot easier.

Why it matters:

Nobody likes waiting in line at the DMV or filing their tax return, but wading through government bureaucracy is more than just an annoyance to people who need lifesaving public services. A correctly completed SNAP application can mean the difference between eating and going hungry, yet is shockingly difficult to do.

Who it helps:

The day laborer who can’t enroll online because the site doesn’t work on his phone. The single working mother who doesn’t have time to waste on a confusing application. The disabled person for whom leaving the home to get assistance takes a serious toll.

The potential impact:

21% of New Yorkers receive food stamps, and studies suggest that only three quarters of eligible residents are enrolled. That’s 2.4 million people in New York City that could save time and hassle by using EasyFoodStamps.com, with the potential to reach 47 million disadvantaged Americans nationwide as the product scales to additional markets.

Meet Team Propel

Jimmy Chen


Shelly Ni


Kevin Miller


Wenting Zhang

Designer & Hacker